Silks Silks

Aerial Arts

Aerial Arts is a dynamic, stunning athletic discipline! Aerial Arts training starts with the basics of performing on multiple aerial apparatuses. Aerial Arts requires considerable strength and skill and our programs are designed to introduce your child to the conditioning and techniques required to learn aerial arts skills. One of the amazing things about aerial arts is that it is so much fun that the hard work is disguised in an hour of artistry, new challenges and accomplishments!

  • " April 24, 2019 Thank you for offering the mother daughter clinic during spring break! Doing aerial silks was an amazing experience! It was challenging and empowering. My daughter and I will definitely be taking more classes in the future. "

    -Customer Direct - Amber C

Aerial Silk - Kinder Cirque (Ages 4-6)

Kinder Cirque is an exploratory aerial arts class. It allows little bodies to begin to understand the basics of Aerial Silk and Aerial Hoop. In this class students will start building the strength and flexibility that is required for these aerial apparatuses. This class gives students the opportunity to have fun while learning something completely new. Interested in registering for this class? Click the button below and then select the age appropriate class to sign up today!

Aerial Silk - Beginner (Ages 7 and Up)

Students will learn the basic and foundational skills for aerial arts. They will work on basic moves and familiarity with silk terminology that will prepare them to move into more advanced levels. This level is for ages 7 and up. Interested in registering for this class? Click the button below and then select the age appropriate class to sign up today!

Aerial Silk -Intermediate (Ages 7 & Up)

Students must have completed the Aerial beginner class before eligible to take this class. In this class students will build on the basics and fundamentals to learn new skills at a greater height. They will use their new strength to work on skills that will continue to challenge them each week.

Aerial Silk -Advanced (ages 7 & Up)

Students must have completed Aerial beginner and intermediate before taking this class. In Advanced students will begin to use their skills to build sequences while also working on improving technique. Students will continue to learn new skills to use in sequencing.

Strength and Flexibility Boot Camp (Ages 6 & Up)

In this class students will rotate through 4 weeks of training that will help them increase their strength and flexibility! Students will use our aerial silks as part of their training. They will work on strength and flexibility that can help them not just with aerial silks, but any gymnastics, tumbling or ninja class! Please contact the office for more information.


Want to join the circus? Come and participate in our Show Team!!! Show team will include, Aerial Silks, Tumbling and Dance and will perform at Flip 2 It Events and also be part of this summers "Greatest Show" Show team is open to students 6 years and older and must be a level 4 or higher.