Creating A Safe Environment For Kids To Have Fun

Flip 2 It Sports Center exist to provide a place for children to come and have fun. We do this by creating a learning environment that teach kids to succeed in life, believe in themselves and say "I Can". We focus on the child and their individual goals and results. By creating a low pressured, non-intimidating setting, we can make a positive difference in children. Our staff of professional, fun loving coaches only re-enforce our philosophy of a place where kids love to have fun.

Building Strong Bodies And Healthy Minds

Play activities are essential for babies, toddlers and young children! Experts say– that physical activity is an absolute necessity if an individual is to reach his/her greatest potential. Since 1997, Flip 2 It Sports Center has embedded this innovative methods of teaching skills and making gymnastics exciting for children. Our goal is to instill physical activity as a way of life into the very being of all who walk through our doors.

Teaching Lifelong Lessons

Our culture is moving faster than any other time in history thanks to technology. However, the immediacy of e-mail, online shopping, and drive troughs are making it more difficult for our children to learn about long term commitment and the reward that comes from working hard. Becoming good at gymnastics requires discipline, courage, respect, and perseverance. Modern technology has not changed the fact that being good at sports, music, language, or anything else does not come instantly but happens over time. Gymnastics is a great activity to teach your children important life lessons. We are honored that you allow us to work with your children.