Attention Schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, & Mom's Groups

Tired of going to the same museums and pumpkin patches time after time? We have the perfect alternative for you! Call us today to set up an exciting field trip for your organization. Flexible arrangements can be made to accommodate your schedule in terms of day, length and time to ensure that your group has the best experience possible. You can schedule a 1 hour to a 1.5 hour long Field trip for $10-$15 per child.  

The Perfect Fundraiser

Flip2it is proud to partner with local schools. Flip 2 It  open's their doors to support schools by hosting a “Kids Night Out”or "Field Trip" Fundraiser by giving  70% of the money back to the schools!!!

How It Works

  • Your school schedules a “Kids Night Out” or "Field Trip" with us.
  • We put the event online under Your schools Name Fundraiser
  • Parents will then go online, sign the gym waiver, and pay for the event (between $10 - $35 per child). 
  • Parents will then drop of their child for the scheduled school event with a snack (unless you scheduled Pizza)
  • Your school will receive 70% of the proceeds from this event.  Yahoo!!!
Please contact us @ or #772-3547. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have on how to book a Fundraiser for your school. Fundraisers are typically scheduled Friday’s or Saturday’s between 6 pm and 9 pm (ages 4 and up). We host up to 60 kids each per event. Siblings and friends from other schools are welcome to join as well.
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